5 Signs You’ve Fallen Out of Love with Your Spouse

Wondering constantly “What are signs you’ve fallen out of love with your spouse?” Do you look at your husband or wife and think, “How did I get here? How did I end up with this person who I once lusted after and now I feel nothing for?”

If you answered “yes” to that question, you have probably already emotionally checked out of your marriage. Here are some other signs of feeling like you are uninspired by your partner’s love:

You have affairs. If you are cheating, you are emotionally detached from your spouse. Even if you have convinced yourself that sex is just sex with other women (or men), it isn’t. When you betray your spouse sexually, you are also emotionally distancing yourself from the relationship. And if you are having an affair, chances are you are not getting what you need EMOTIONALLY from your spouse.

You nit-pick and berated her or him. When love has gone sour, it’s usually because we have built-up resentments inside us. This resentments create a warning mechanism in our brains that send us a message if we get too close to the other person again; “Stop. Can’t you see that he/she is annoying, weak, irritating, etc.” This message prevents us from feeling loving toward the person and instead makes us want to complain about all the things that bother us about him or her.

You can’t look your spouse in the eye. When you don’t love someone anymore you feel ashamed, especially if it’s your spouse who you are supposed to be committed to loving for life. If you find ways to emotionally or physically avoid him or her, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are just too busy with work or the kids to connect. You are feeling the shame of having fallen out of love.

You undermine your spouse’s feelings. If you never listen to our spouse’s needs and think that most his or her feelings and desires are silly or annoying, you are not playing your part in your union. There is nothing more horrible than being married to someone who refuses to hear you or see your pain. When you love someone you care about their “being” and you do what you can to heal their feelings and provide their needs.

You are never home. If you think that the best way to unwind after work or on the weekends is to stay as far away from home as possible, you are no longer in love. Even if your spouse isn’t making it easy for you to be around him or her, you have a duty to your marriage to find a solution to your issues and not run from the problems in your marriage.

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